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What's your tolerance for disrespect?

Disrespect: Parents It starts at Home!

Disrespect, is that a Norm in Today's Society?

Now that I have got your attention, I want to ask you something. How do you tolerate disrespect? In today's society within the classroom, it has become a normal thing for students to disrespect and not obey teachers and adults within the education field. I find it so disappointing and surprising that disrespect has become a norm, and it should be turned around.

I feel that as a son, student, and future prospective educator that home training and learning respect starts at home. I have heard several individuals say that it is the teachers responsibility. I find that not to be true. Let me explain, Yes students are the teachers responsibility for almost 8 hours a day, and 180 a days in a school year, but at the end of the day before school starts and when the bell rings for dismissal, students do not come home to their teachers. They go home to their parents.

Disrespect over a Cellphone?

Several people across the state of North Carolina and I am sure in other states have had their say on the incident regarding the Substitute Teacher and the Student at Rocky Mount High School. Quite frankly I feel that the whole situation was blown out of proportion. Many people have made jokes, and thought that the whole entire situation was funny, but I stand firm when I say it is not. Disrespect at any cost should be taken seriously. It is not something that should continue to be thrown under the bus and not handle properly. What does not get handle correctly or at all will continue and it will get no better. It will get worst.

The student should have never reached or fixed their body parts to try to hit or put their hands on the substitute teacher. The Substitute teacher had every right to defend herself, and also take proper protocol to restrain the student so that she would not be in harms way. Yet, the substitute teacher was arrested for defending HERSELF! That part I am speechless, and I am not understanding. Maybe some of you may be able to give insight on that! And for the individuals who thought that the whole situation was funny, I assume you are on the side with allowing your children to disrespect you, or whomever comes in contact with your child. Grant it, what the substitute teacher was wearing, I must say was highly inappropriate to be seen in concerning a school setting. She could have chosen another option as far as clothing! Based on the comments and shared captions some only were into what the substitute teacher was wearing more less seeing the real issue at hand.


Discipline is Key

Parents It is past time for you to discipline your children. The bible speaks about this thoroughly. Although I may not have children, going into education as a prospective educator the one thing that I will demand and have in my classroom and the atmosphere that I teach in IS RESPECT. This does not include only me, but students need to have respect for the teacher, the peers and other adults that they may come in contact with. If you start early, your children will not have an issue with respecting anyone they come in contact with. If you fail your children by not training them up to have discipline, they will grow up thinking that they can do what they want, disrespect anything and everyone, have children and their children will grow up disrespecting your child, because you did not step up to the plate and demand and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" and not tolerating disrespect. .

So after all that's been said, I ask you again... what is your tolerance for disrespect? Should you tolerate it or not?

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